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Is VMS the Right Partner for Your Project?

Is Vollrath Manufacturing Services the Right Partner for Your Project?

How Clearly Defining Your Project Goals Yields Creative Solutions

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Reshoring trends and supply chain issues have pushed many companies to rethink their business models, expand their operations, downgrade, or pivot in another direction entirely. To that end, companies are searching in droves for a manufacturing partner like Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) to meet their needs. While we're always open to potential projects, we want to impress upon our customers that not all OEMs are created equal.

Outsourcing your products and equipment to the right manufacturer can provide incomparable quality, reliability, and value. Choosing the wrong OEM, however, can set your project up to fail before you even start. Collaborative success depends on both sides understanding the scope and breadth of your project. Here at VMS, our business focuses on both creative solutions and your bottom line. We're not an OEM that's interested in quick turnarounds or temporary projects. We're in it for the long haul, from start to finish. As you search for a productive relationship with a manufacturer partner, there are a few key factors to consider.

Facets of Successful Contract Manufacturing

Due diligence can make the difference between a project that stalls and one that survives and becomes profitable. Before you contract with a manufacturer, learn if your project aligns with the services they offer. Considerations include: 
• Projected funding 
• Forecasted volume 
• Production stage 
• OEM experience

“VMS excels when we connect with a prospective client during the initial design phase of their project. That way, we can insert our material, manufacturing, and engineering knowledge to maximize the value we can offer and confirm that the project is within our realm of capabilities.” 

It's essential that your manufacturing partner possesses the necessary time, resources, and expertise to complete your project, and having this information prepared in advance makes it easy to find an OEM that can meet your expectations.

Does Your Project Have Funding?

Here at VMS, we believe that innovation can’t exist in a vacuum. Some of our prospective clients, particularly startups, contact us with an exceptional level of excitement and an impressive drive to push their projects forward, but they don't have the necessary building blocks in place to make their ideas work. If you have an idea for a product to manufacture, but aren't sure where to start, we suggest you speak to a design firm before engaging with a contract manufacturer. They can help you nail down the specifics of your product and set you on a path to success.

What Is Your Forecasted Project Volume?

“We talk to a lot of potential customers who have never worked with an OEM before. Oftentimes, they only look at the tooling costs or the piece price costs, which are often dramatically different from the price of an actual build. To get to an accurate quote on volume and price, we want to make sure we examine insights on lead times, material source, and product quality.” 

The most critical factor in assessing a project is forecasted volume. With a clear understanding of volume expectations, VMS can propose appropriate design, tooling, and process options, to achieve the most cost-effective and scalable solution.

Vollrath has been in the manufacturing industry for over 150 years, and we built our pedigree and professional reputation by partnering with companies that demand ongoing and consistent manufacturing services. While VMS occasionally assists with short-term production requirements, we work best with larger volume requirements over multiple years.

At What Stage Of Production Is Your Project?

Do you need a manufacturing partner for a brand-new project, or are you outsourcing an existing part or component? Do you have a design concept in hand? 

Our engineering staff specializes in meeting critical tolerance levels, stack-up requirements and aesthetic benchmarks, and they'll depend on the answers to these questions to complete your project to the best of their ability. 

For clients who want to replace their existing manufacturer, we’ll conduct an in-depth discovery to learn why you want to switch, if there are any supply issues, and how VMS might champion the challenges at hand.

Does the OEM Possess the Experience You Need?

During the initial stages, make sure you have the right staff members communicating with potential OEM partners. Involving your research and development professionals, engineers, and floor operators is essential when discussing the technical side of the manufacturing process. They speak the same technical language as the potential OEMs, so they can engage with the collaborative process.

Ready to Partner with VMS?

VMS specializes in custom manufacturing and tooling, engineering consulting, and made-to-order parts. Our vision is to help bring yours to life reliably and consistently, every time. Launching a new project always entails some risk, but we’re highly selective with our clientele so we can ensure your project is a mutually beneficial venture for both sides. If you have a strong concept and preliminary design, contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

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