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Design Engineering Coupled with Superior Manufacturing Capabilities

When organizations partner with design and engineering experts before the manufacturing process, they make the conscious choice to manufacture better products of guaranteed quality—at the best possible cost. Product quality, increasing costs, and troubles with delivery and lead times can all play heavily on your brand image and operational success.

At Vollrath Manufacturing Services, our partnership allows you to meet opportunities head-on.

At Vollrath Manufacturing Services, our team is as committed to your brand’s success as much as you. Leveraging our in-house engineering, design, and consulting services ensures that you’ve got the support you need to achieve success.

No matter the industry or application, Vollrath will create custom solutions to meet your unique needs. We serve a wide range of industries, including:
• Foodservice & Dispensing
• Consumer goods (cookware, sinks, appliances, containers)
• Medical & Biotech (Class 1) • Heavy equipment: Agricultural and Construction
• Lawn & Garden
• Energy and gas
• Water delivery, filtration and purification

Features of In-House Engineering, Design, and Consulting Services

Our in-house engineering, design, and consulting services offer a range of benefits for any industry. The hallmark new product development barriers (risk, cost, problem-solving) are all easily broken down and overcome with our team by your side. If you’ve struggled to bring new products to market, partnering with a product solutions expert can help you: 

• Minimize risks 
• Cut costs 
• ‘Design for manufacturability’ (DFM) Identify design and manufacturing problems 

You’ll also gain unmatched insight from our experienced team who can offer expert solutions to your design or manufacturing challenges at every step of the process. Our dedicated project manager and qualified design engineers head each project and work closely with clients to create roadmaps for success. Active supplier involvement also means that key issues and facets of the production process will be caught early. 

Understanding feature requirements, addressing challenges, and laying out options during the initial stages of a project leaves more flexibility for differing opinions and unplanned complications. 

Using Vollrath’s Value-Added Services

Vollrath Manufacturing Services is an industrial product solutions company—that means that we’re committed to helping you create a custom-fit, end-to-end approach to whatever problems your organization is facing. We offer our clients a number of value-added services designed to optimize and simplify the design and engineering processes. 

Our team leverages powerful, state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your project succeeds. These tools allow us to optimize product quality, boost production capacity, and reduce manufacturing costs. Groundbreaking 3D solid modeling software offers precise control over tooling, part design, and other aspects of your project. 

Years of experience has afforded our team immense sourcing expertise. Partnered with a great degree of quality assurance—thanks to certified services and manufacturing processes—this is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. We can provide a wide array of options for nearly every step of a project, including material types, product quantities, questions over domestic or international work, or other aspects of your project entirely. 

Vollrath offers our customers the best of both worlds. Our consulting services improve the design process while our expert engineering team ensures product manufacturability before production begins. On the client-side, this translates to a reduction in costs that accumulate from mistakes and uninformed decisions. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

• Deep draw stamping (including stainless) 
• Progressive die stamping 
• Transfer die stamping 
• Anodizing 
• Metal spinning 
• Laser cutting and finishing 
• Annealing 
• Precision metal fabrication 
• Integrated Products (systems/modules) 

Our approach is unbiased and focused on problem-solving. We believe in valued engineering from concept to prototype—and that means end-to-end support from design and development all the way through to manufacturing. No matter the industry or application, our team is eager to create a customtailored plan that will see your organization through to success. 

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We provide custom manufacturing and engineering design consulting, standard and made-to-order parts, and custom tool fabrication.