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Lawn & Garden

Efficient, effective equipment solutions for the lawn & garden industry

We help our clients create lawn and garden equipment that can do more with less: less water, less fuel, less waste…and better results.

Here at VMS, we make everything from control arms to clutches, motor parts, lighting housings, and more for lawn and garden products, and our design engineers help clients fine-tune the details and select the very best materials for the job to ensure outstanding results. We know your customers' expectations are higher than ever, and we can help you create innovative, energy-efficient equipment that leaves a lasting impression.

An Elevated OEM Experience

From start to finish, VMS offers a high-quality customer experience that provides a number of invaluable benefits to our clients.

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Full-Service In-House Value

With our extensive collection of in-house capabilities, VMS is the definition of a full-service supplier partner. From design engineering to manufacturing, finishing, packaging and more, we can do it all, which means better results, less risk, and lower costs for you.

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Custom Solutions for Complex Challenges

VMS has decades of experience, which means we've seen just about everything. Our fully-integrated team has the knowledge and expertise to create custom solutions to all your design challenges. Together, we'll produce high-quality, cost-effective components that meet your unique needs.

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USA Made

World-class production, close to home. VMS is proud to manufacture products in the United States that are recognized for their quality and dependability around the globe.

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Quality Certifications

Our manufacturing facilities are all ISO certified (ISO 9001), and our team of experts is well-versed in UL, CSA, NSF, ETL, and CE standards.

VMS: A Leading Lawn & Garden Manufacturing Partner

When you work with VMS, you're forging a partnership with a committed team dedicated to creating durable and efficient solutions for the lawn and garden industry. With our extensive experience, industry insights, and full suite of in-house capabilities, we have the ability to overcome the most complex design and manufacturing challenges. We specialize in deep draw, metal stamping, and spinning, which allows us to transform nearly any concept for lawn and garden equipment into a robust reality.

We produce a wide range of parts for the lawn & garden industry, typically but not limited to: Containers, Vessels, Wells, Pans, Insets, Covers, Lids, Caps, Housings, Panels, Chambers, Cans, Pots, Canisters, Basins, Reservoirs, Receptacles, Trays, Inserts, Shields, Enclosures, Frames, Sinks, and Tanks.

Additional Features to Elevate Your Product Vision

We offer a full collection of additional services and features to take your product or part to the next level. No matter how complex or intricate the design, our team will work with you to perfect the concept and bring it to life. Our rigorous process is committed to upholding the highest standards, guaranteeing precision in every component to provide energy efficiency and lasting durability.

Some additive features that are typically, but not limited to, include: Holes, Drains, Fittings, Finishings, Formings, Flanges, Assemblies, Weldings, and Chamfers.

Our process for custom and specialty products stands out from the competition.

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Vollrath Manufacturing Services is proud to be an American company manufacturing American-made goods. We also work to eliminate waste in our manufacturing systems via our Lean manufacturing team and Continuous Improvement/Kaizen events.

Vollrath Manufacturing Services worked with our team to develop a better way to make one of our most important parts. We had always used die-casting for the job and we didn’t realize another way was possible”

OEM Client - Automotive Company

Finding manufacturing efficiencies, cutting costs and maintaining quality can be quite the balancing act. We regularly provide our partners with innovative solutions to some of their most pressing challenges. Please see our case study to learn how Vollrath Manufacturing Services helped a client develop a better way to produce one of their most important components.

Capabilities Related to the Lawn & Garden Industry

Are We the Right Supplier for You?

Every project comes with unique requirements, and choosing the best supplier partner for the job means finding one that has the right mix of knowledge, expertise, and capabilities to meet and exceed your expectations.

At VMS, we are committed to making the impossible possible. When our clients come to us with specific needs and creative challenges – it’s our job to deliver the custom industrial product solutions that will provide them with incredible results.

We’ve created this Project RequestTool to ensure that we are the ideal supplier partner for every client we work with. Please use the interactive fields below to tell us more about who you are, what you’re looking for, and to determine whether or not VMS is the right supplier for you.

Have an active project you’d like to discuss? Looking for more information about our services? Our team is ready to help you get started!